Taking on New York: Part 1

Day One:

Sleeping in humidity just like Louisiana and 80+ degrees was miserable.

I could not wait to shower and leave!

Except, I am weird as hell about my showers yall. Weird.as.hell. They have to look and be clean clean clean, I don’t like to touch the walls or curtain, the front of the tub is gross to me. I’m weird.

So, using someone else’s shower that doesn’t appear to have a clean home, freaked me out. A lot. I felt gross the whole time and could not wait to leave and go see the city!


First on the agenda is walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Journey to New York: Part 2

6am Monday, July 10th.

Hungover and exhausted from the Journey concert the night before, we packed the car to drive to Dallas to catch our flight to New York City. We couldn’t have been more excited.

So, blah blah blah, we were tired and driving and slightly hungover.

We were laughing and enjoying our drive fabulously!

Then, halfway through the drive to Dallas, my car started doing this scary thing where it sounded like a jet engine about to take off. My car was losing power for a moment each time the loud, jet engine noise happened and we had no idea if we would make it to the airport. At all.

So, ya know, stress. Woo hoo.

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Journey to New York: Part 1

May/June 2016, around our 4 year anniversary, we are heading to my sister-in-laws wedding. Which is fabulous and exciting. I don’t mind that we aren’t doing anything ‘fab’ for our anniversary. That kind of stuff isn’t super important to me.
However, I’m already thinking of our 5 year anniversary.
Because we never do much for our anniversaries, I want our 5 year, a milestone anniversary, to be special. I’m not sure of what that means yet. But I want it to be ‘fab’.

Fast forward to February of 2017, I’ve decided I might want a nude sketch of myself as a gift, or to travel, or to get filigree added on to my engagement ring to make it more vintage looking.
Clearly I’m still unsure what I want, and the engagement ring or nude sketch idea mean I have to find something to get Trey, and all he ever wants is stuff for his gaming pc...not exactly sweet or sentimental.

Then a senior I was mentoring told me about some music festivals she’d been to. We got to talking about music and it hit me! Like, hello, Trey and I love music, so let’s go to a music festival! I searched for ones that met our timeline, and Bonnaroo was it!

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Five Years Deep

I am the luckiest woman in the world. Everyone says that when they have a great husband, but I don’t care. I will say it with conviction anyway.
June 2nd at 2:30ish pm I had been married to my husband for five(5) whole years. My God that is crazy to my brain. And then I think about the fact that we have been inseparable since we started dating in September/October (yeah, we don’t know exact dates. Whatever, man.) of 2009. Like, WHAT!?

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