Taking on New York: Part 5 - Finals Days

Day 6: Making an NYC Photoshoot.

Sunday, July 16th, rescheduled photoshoot day!

We woke up and got ready to go to church at a Presbyterian church in downtown Manhattan. It’s a church that a pastor we really love, Tim Keller, started.

The service was fantabulous! Truly.


Then it was time to find an outfit for our photoshoot.

Just when we’d finished shopping, I got a Facebook message from the photographer we were trading photoshoots with.

She bailed.

It was Sunday, we’d been shopping half the day for the rescheduled photoshoot that was supposed to be happening in a few hours. And she bailed.

So now I was pissed. Livid.

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Taking on New York: Part 4

Day three:

At 4am on July 13th, I wake up to pee.

I was using my flashlight so I didn’t run into anything when I saw our host, sitting cross-legged on the couch, staring straight forward.
I jumped when I saw him and said “Oh, I’m sorry. Hey!” *waving*

Like, maybe that sounds small. But at 4am, when he’s staring at you, motionless with dead eyes, you really need to pee, the bathroom is past him, your precious husband doesn’t wake up easily, and this is his house-a strange space to you, it’s just creepy af. On bone-chilling levels.

So I swiftly walked past him to the bathroom, pee, and stood at the bathroom door pumping myself up to swiftly walk past him again to the bedroom.

Back in the bedroom I told Trey what just happened and that I no longer felt comfortable there.

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Taking on New York: Part 3

Day One:

Sleeping in humidity just like Louisiana and 80+ degrees was miserable.

I could not wait to shower and leave!

Except, I am weird as hell about my showers yall. Weird.as.hell. They have to look and be clean clean clean, I don’t like to touch the walls or curtain, the front of the tub is gross to me. I’m weird.

So, using someone else’s shower that doesn’t appear to have a clean home, freaked me out. A lot. I felt gross the whole time and could not wait to leave and go see the city!


First on the agenda is walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Journey to New York: Part 2

6am Monday, July 10th.

Hungover and exhausted from the Journey concert the night before, we packed the car to drive to Dallas to catch our flight to New York City. We couldn’t have been more excited.

So, blah blah blah, we were tired and driving and slightly hungover.

We were laughing and enjoying our drive fabulously!

Then, halfway through the drive to Dallas, my car started doing this scary thing where it sounded like a jet engine about to take off. My car was losing power for a moment each time the loud, jet engine noise happened and we had no idea if we would make it to the airport. At all.

So, ya know, stress. Woo hoo.

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