Five Years Deep

I am the luckiest woman in the world. Everyone says that when they have a great husband, but I don’t care. I will say it with conviction anyway.
June 2nd at 2:30ish pm I had been married to my husband for five(5) whole years. My God that is crazy to my brain. And then I think about the fact that we have been inseparable since we started dating in September/October (yeah, we don’t know exact dates. Whatever, man.) of 2009. Like, WHAT!?

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Mother's Day, Graduation, and Feasting, Oh My!

It was May 14th, Mother's Day, warm and muggy as always (hello Shreveport in May). We'd spent the morning making Jodie Gail (she'll kill me for using her full name), my Mom, breakfast in her kitchen. All three of her children, her two grand babies (Cavan and Charleigh), my husband (Trey), and my little sister's fiance (Stephen). We were all sprawled out.  My little sister, Michelle, appears to be useful but really she's standing around Stephen-chatting with my Mom by the bar at the end of the kitchen; my Momma is next to the bar by the “office area,” where our landline phone and such things once were, trying to talk to us all simultaneously and grinning ear to ear like a giddy child.

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Ending Human Slavery ❌ | Shreveport-Bossier

Human slavery, sex slavery, or trafficking is a touchy topic. When you bring it up people kinda see it as a kill joy. Which, I get. It is a very heavy subject about an unfathomable dark life that would be miserable. Not exactly daisy’s and rainbows. But we *need* to have these tough conversations.
My focus for Magnolia Grace Photography and my personal life is to help women to love themselves, and ending slavery would help so many women be able to start that journey.

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