Melissa's Completely Relatable Fight for Self Love | Shreveport, La Boudoir

Meet Melissa, she’s like you and me. She's normal and that's what makes her story incredible! Because we can all see ourselves in her. She's also incredible because she is fearlessly letting me tell her story. She wants to empower more women to love themselves. That's amazing.

Melissa is kindhearted, a nurse, a singer in her band Magnolia Mae (I know, it’s the perfect name right?!) with her husband John Garcia, maker of a beautiful and sweet boy, wearer of cute clothes, fun lover, and so many more amazing things. Getting to spend the day photographing her fun and happy spirit was a joy.

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Help Me, Help You.

As a women’s photographer and advocate, my number one job is to help women be empowered in their everyday lives. That statement covers a really really large range of things, so let me narrow it down.


If you don’t mind taking a few minutes to answer these five questions, that would be amazing!

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What to Expect at Your Boudoir Session with Magnolia Grace Boudoir! | Shreveport Boudoir

So, you’re looking into booking a boudoir session with MGP. YAY!
But, what is a boudoir session like with MGP?

A boudoir session with MGP is a day long empowering experience. All of my clients rave about how much fun their day with me was. We spend it laughing, making beautiful portraits of you, viewing & choosing your favorite portraits, and designimg your artwork the same day. You leave with nothing to do but wait for me to hand deliver your artwork!
Check out the breakdown of your session with MGP below!

Chatting with Tracie: Leaving an Addict | Shreveport-Bossier Boudoir

*Trigger Warning. Abuse.*

Tracie grew up in Shreveport with amazing parents that loved her dearly. She got married and moved to Colorado and Texas for her husband's job with her children. Eventually, she divorced her first husband due to problems he was having that he would not seek help for.

Later on, she met her second husband who abused her in inconspicuous ways, through manipulation, like pushing her to workout so hard that she injured herself. She decided ended that marriage in May of 2016 when he became physically abusive one night. He escalated, picked her up, and threw her across their bedroom.

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