Madilynne's Steamy & Moody Shreveport Boudoir Session

When Madilynne contacted me and told me about her past abusive relationship that she had managed to get out of and her current happy relationship, I was truly thrilled to be honored with doing her boudoir session!

Every woman, every person, deserves to know that they are amazing! Everyone deserves to be treated with love and kindness.

No one deserves to be treated like they are worth less than others!

So it was truly an honor to help Madilynne celebrate her freedom with an MGP boudoir session!

Madilynne’s session was SO much fun!

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Crystal's Downtown Shreveport Outdoor Boudoir Session

So, there’s this man that hangs out in his thong, only, around Broadmoor on Youree Drive. Through learning about him, I learned that being in public in nothing but your undies is, apparently, perfectly legal.

And while I have no plans to walk around in a thong, I did have light bulbs going off in my head!

“If he can legally walk around, with all the things tightly ‘concealed’ in a thong, then my clients can do classy boudoir in public!”

Hello new opportunities!

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Interviewing My Mom, My Hero: Badass Women Series

When we arrive, the rain has stopped, but a big rain cloud is moving in fast. So we hop and and make fast work of the photoshoot.

The ground is slippery mud, Mom's hair starts falling, there is still some drizzle, the sky is very gloomy, it's just laughable really. But we weren't giving up, and I am glad we didn't. The photos are amazing and will be cherished for a lifetime!

I hope you enjoy the interview and portraits half as much as I did, because she is truly a badass woman who has been through hell and back a few times and is wildly inspiring!

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